How to Fit in to a New Workplace

Searching for a job and finally getting a desirable one is quite a challenge. But it is certainly not the end of challenges, but the start of new ones. The main aim is to fit in to the office environment and become a vital part of it.

Working in a new environment means meeting new people and adapting to different methods. It could be harder for a middle aged individual as compared to a youngster. But the right attitude could lead you to the desired destiny.

Follow the points to shine.

Be Punctual:

A reputed and seasoned employee can afford to be late now and then (although it is not a good trait), but a new one cant! Reach the office on time because otherwise not only will you lose the precious time but also the reputation! Never make anybody wait for you in the professional scene. It is highly undesirable and can cost you your reputation.

Establish Goals:

Wandering aimlessly never produces pleasing results. Learn what is expected of you. Analyze your first assignment and try to produce the anticipated results in due time. Learn from the people around you and they could help you as well in the hour of need. But be sure that you do not under-perform and do not let the employer believe that he had overestimated you.

The first assignment is practically a test to judge your abilities. It helps the boss decide how able and responsible you are and how much work you can manage on your own. A gold star at the first assignment means that your job is secure.

Be a Perky Person:

Nobody likes to be around a grave and bore person. Rather it is desirable to spend time with the ones who are cheerful and upbeat. It does not mean that you should crack jokes all day around. Just be friendly and likable. Do not be too serious and straight forward. If there is a conversation going on, join the colleagues and give your opinions and hear other people with consideration. It is important that you get to know the people around the workplace for only then you will feel like “the part of the team”. But be careful; don’t overpower the new people in the first few days. Be submissive and respectful.

Culture of the Company:

Appearances do matter! The dress code is an important part of the things that you should know before you start work. To blend in on your first day, observe the dress code and dress accordingly. You certainly would not want to stand out due to your inappropriate clothes. Observe the general air and climate of the new workplace. You might need to adapt and change your habits to fit in.

Ask Freely:

Being in a new boat, no one expects you to know everything. Your colleagues and the boss will be expecting a barrage of questions. They would rather have you asked a hundred questions than aimlessly do your work and end up in a disastrous situation. In the initial stages of your new employment, you will be given the benefit of doubt and all of your questions would be answered. Take advantage of the situation because once settled in the workplace, it would be automatically assumed that you know everything. Ask from the immediate supervisors and the colleagues. Don’t be afraid to ask the boss because everybody knows that no one is born learned!

Learn How the Equipment Works:

Any kind of job requires either a set of hardware or software tools. You might come across the techniques and tools that you have never encountered before in your life. Learn about them as they will help speed up your work. For instance, the new company might be using Coral Draw instead of Adobe Illustrator. Learn the basics so that at least you can start off immediately. Although people are always there to help, internet is the biggest guide and resource nowadays. Look for good tutorials and let it be your virtual tutor!

Be Proactive:

Being a newbie, you will not be burdened with a lot of work. People will automatically assume that you are in the ‘learning phase’. You boss will be trying to get you settled and give you the general feel of the work. However if you think that you are ready to contribute to the new workplace, don’t sit idly staring out of the window but be proactive and ask the people around what would they like you to do? An extra hand is always welcome.

Be Organized:

Being organized saves time and energy and helps in a systemic approach towards work. This does not only apply to the outwardly appearance of your desk but also to the thoughts and ideas in your mind.

An organized desk means that everything is at its place and no time is required to dig up a particular file when asked by the boss. Similarly, organized ideas will help you work in a flow and proper manner and not in a haphazard way.

Build Contacts:

Contacts and Public Relations play an important role in building up a person’s career. Good relations in the office help a lot in producing enviable results. They ensure coordination and understanding and hence better outcomes. An ally at work helps in the tasks, the mood at the office becomes nice and friendly and it becomes easy to work under stressful and tough situations.

Good contacts can help you outside the office as well. They can not only help in flourishing at a job but also in getting new and better ones.

Maintain Your Reputation:

Impressing people early on and then becoming sluggish is certainly not a good idea. Try to live up to the mark and produce consistent results. Hard work in short bursts does not help much, but consistent hard work is something that can take you up the ladder.

Don’t Whine:

Everyone faces issues while adjusting in new environment. Don’t complain to the new coworkers, you don’t know them yet! Discuss the office related issues with family, friends are trusted colleagues but never with the new coworkers for you don’t know that whether they are trustworthy or not! Don’t become too cozy with the gossip queens of the office.

Communicate with the Boss and Provide the Status of Task:

Communicate with your boss regularly. This way you will know that you are on the right track. Ask questions about any confusion or difficulty you might face. Provide the status of your work regularly, in this way any error or miscalculation on your part could be caught in early stages before it becomes fatal.

The Boss-Employee Relationship:

As cited earlier, it is vital to communicate with the boss. Remember, pleasing the boss is utterly important. But what kind of boss do you have? The answer to this question defines your relationship with the boss. Is he deemed as a team member or does he acts as the sole head of the team and is a team honcho?

A team member boss maybe treated casually. The employees could throw ideas and concepts at him without any formality. He could be visited any time without any prior appointment and has a friendly ‘open-door policy’. On the other hand, a honcho is the one who exercises his power as a supreme authority. His office has the dreadful formal air and you can’t just step in without a prior appointment.

Identify your boss “type” and act accordingly!

Don’t Underestimate Yourself:

Being new means that you have a significant number of things to learn but at the same time you have brought with you new perspective and an advantageous experience. These qualities together with hard work can provide remarkable results. But be rational that you have to adapt to the new ways and procedures of the company and not the other way round.

Being in a new set up seems tough at the start but it is actually a step towards self development, improvement and progress. Openness to new experiences is accompanied with tremendous learning. Take a new job as a challenge and excel at it!


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