Save Water, Save Life.

Our lives depend to a great extent on water, the spring of life. But with the indiscriminate use of water the world over, it looks like water will be pretty hard to come by in the future. Mankind is likely to face severe water shortage in the next few decades unless remedial action is taken immediately.

Are you anxious to make a difference to save our natural resources? We can also contribute as individuals to efforts being made by following some dos and don′ts.

Some Tips to Save Water are given below.

  • Economize; don′t use more water than is necessary.
  • Ensure that all water outlets are closed properly after use.
  • Avoid running water when shaving, brushing teeth and    washing. Use mugs.
  • Leaks in your home′s plumbing must be promptly attended to      by sealing them. Get a plumber if necessary.
  • Use taps fitted with aerators.
  • Use a water-efficient washing machine.
  • Avoid leaving water running when washing clothes,vessels, etc. Use buckets or basins if possible.
  • Take showers, not long self-indulgent baths.
  • Install small showerheads. You′ll still get sufficient water for a    good shower.
  • Wherever possible, recycle used water to water your garden      or indoor plants.
  • If you′re blessed with a garden, opt for drip irrigation to water    your plants and revolving, mobile sprinklers for your lawn.
  • Don′t throw away left over drinking water in bottles. Water    some plants with it.
  • If your toilets are fitted with old large capacity flush tank    cisterns, place a plastic bottle filled with water inside. This will    reduce the quantity of water used to flush the toilet.
  • If you′re installing a new cistern, opt for the double flush one.    This offers two options of low and high quantities of water    needed to flush, depending on the need.
  • If you′re installing new toilets, install composting toilets and     dry urinals.
  • Implement rainwater-harvesting techniques.
  • Support and/or participate in public private partnership    endeavors in water conservation projects.

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